DARE is having the courage to do something. To defy and challenge. To provoke and be bold in breaking down the governing myths and beliefs in organizations and industries. The rebellious mindset that challenges the status quo. The one that realizes that transformation can only occur when we don’t think outside of the box but discard the box altogether.


DARE is also about disruptive creativity and failing forward. About having an adventurous mindset. Being curious. Looking for the ‘new new’. The DARE mindset embraces adventure, like Peter Pan in Neverland. Experimental learning is the way of the adventurer. Open to embarking on a mission to uncover the hidden treasures and the diamonds in the rough.


DARE becomes sustainable when the outcome of adventure is married up with a sense of realism. When fiction becomes fact. No business can exist on the merits of fantasy alone. Peter Pan needs to cross swords with the grey wizard. Or, in the present day, the data scientist. The one who wields the weapon of truth. Who demystifies and objectifies.


DARE comes full circle when the art of endurance is applied. Endurance refers to disciplined execution. To grinding down to the very end. To making things happen. Along the way, the treacherous ‘valley of tears’ and ‘troughs of disillusionment’ have to be navigated. Endurance is about sticking to your commitments. Even when the payout is not immediately apparent. In the end, achieving innovative growth is down and dirty, hard work.

Thrive in not being 100% sure. That is where the magic happens.

‘DARE: A Mindset for Innovators in the Digital Age’ provides a framework for calculated risk-taking. It guides you through a 10-step discovery to find innovation and novelty in the midst of uncertainty.

DARE is a Field Guide.

In essence, a field guide is a book designed to help the reader identify wildlife, plants or animals, or other objects of natural occurrence like minerals. What we aim to give you is a field guide about growth. It is designed to be used in the field. Not theoretical but practical. An illustrated handbook to help the reader — or rather, user — identify what is out there. Use it as a source of inspiration, reflection and assessment. Then, craft your own path towards innovative growth.

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